What does Internet down time cost you?

Lost work hours/productivity? Upset customers? Ruined family plans? Stress?
Providers may not be aware of problems in your neighborhood but Outages.io does.
Know about outages, low bandwidth and even get alerts when your Internet is down. 

About Outages.io

Installing an agent

Intro to the basics

Ranked third best Internet tool by comparitech

Are Internet problems on your local network, with your Internet provider or beyond? Finds Internet problems in your home, business and neighborhood. Save countless hours by letting Outages.io work for you.
Troubleshoot wired, WiFi, LTE 4G/5G Internet services.

We’re here to help

Combine your reports with our free forums and we’ll help you get to the bottom of Internet problems. We’ll be happy to help you in our forums even if you aren’t using our service. We’re in this together!
Create an account then ask your questions.

 Windows and Linux

Download Our FREE Agent

For Windows 7, 8 and 10, Centos7/8, Debian7, Ubuntu, ARM such as Raspberry, Tinker Board and  others. Pick your flavor and start troubleshooting your Internet connection now. 

Try our live demo or read our overview

Always On Monitoring

Optional Hardware Device

Save power, leave on 24/7! Self-updating, best reports possible. One time purchase of $49.95 (on sale) $34.95 then use with our free service. Adds free DNS server and webcam option.
See extra benefits

Reasons for using Outages.io

One-Sided Contracts

Your provider guarantees only the speed to the street. You’re stuck in a “best effort” deal that means you pay for services when they aren’t reliable or even down. Outages.io provides evidence you could use to get credits, discounts and help with problems in your home or neighborhood.

Connection Issues

You rely on the Internet for almost everything. Reliable Internet is a must for Voice over IP (VoIP) phone and if you work from home. Intermittent problems cause you frustration, stress and down time but Outages.io helps by providing facts you can post on your providers social pages to get help.

Critical Services

Your Internet connected video doorbell, Alexa, Nest, home security, all stop working without it. Outages.io alerts you when the Internet stops working. This is especially critical with elderly that rely on Internet connected services. Can grandma still call out or is no one able to reach her?

You’re Not Alone

If you are experiencing connection issues, your neighbors might be too.  When others in the area install Outages.io, the bigger picture emerges and connectivity issues get much clearer. Compare then share your facts on your provider’s social media pages to get help.


One Tool Does It All

Outages.IO helps you monitor your Internet service from your perspective, something outage sites and speed testing can’t do. When you are experiencing issues, sometimes it’s hard to convince your provider a problem exists if you don’t have proof to show them. Or, by the time you get through to tech support, your connection returns to normal.

When you install the free Outages.io software, your dashboard shows you when, where and who is having the connection issue.  Is the problem in your building, with your provider or is it their upstream provider? Outages.io lets you see what’s going on now and historically. Your dashboard reports the last 50 events your connection has experienced.  You can even enable instant notifications to alert you to potential outages or other problems.

Outages.io is about empowering consumers to see an otherwise invisible service. Use it to find problems or simply because you are curious. Best of all, Outages.io is free, easy to learn and use for non-technical consumers, yet includes a lot of details for those interested in digging deeper.

We help you or your community get reliable Internet

During this pandemic, people are counting on this important resource. 
Providers may not be aware of weak points in your neighborhood but Outages.io can find them.
No more finger pointing or excuses, both consumers and provider see the facts that tell the story.
Shows area wide problems such as outages, low bandwidth, trends and much more. 

Hardware Benefits

Why use our optional hardware agent

Monitor your WiFi or mobile based LTE/4G/5G router

Outages.io hardware agents come with a special feature that lets you enable wireless mode from your dashboard. Simply enter the usual wireless details you use for your local wifi router or your mobile device and your agent will begin logging any problems with your services. Helps confirm if you are experiencing Internet or signal issues. 

Add A Webcam

Connect any UVC webcam to your agent as a bonus monitoring camera. Simply enable the service from your dashboard. Add our free Dynamic DNS to reach it using an easy to remember name. Read more…

Low Power Consumption

Our agents use less than 1 amp of power, run 24/7, are self updating and you’ll never accidentally power it off , unlike running on a PC. Buy one and help keep Outages.io free for everyone to use.

DNS Server Built In

Gain DNS privacy. Why make it easy to be tracked? Our hardware agents come with built in DNS to help keep your Internet activities private. What you do online is your business. Read more…

Testimonials and Feedback

We really appreciate feedback. Your input helps us improve and make Outages.io better for you!

Provider fixed neighborhood problems thanks to Outages.io

Several months ago, I started experiencing intermittent problems. Every time I’d call my provider they told me everything looked fine. Things got worse and I found Outages.io while looking for ways to monitor the problem. Within days, I was seeing regular outages only two hops away.

I posted on our neighborhood board asking if others had any problems and several people said yes. Two of them decided to install Outages.io and now all three of us could see the exact same problem. The cable provider refused to acknowledge the information sent but we soon saw a truck working in the neighborhood. I stopped to chat with him and he had no idea at all about IP, he kept saying there was a signal issue in the area.

I know for sure that sending them our combined data had an effect and things have been great since. (Full story here)

Customer issue solved

In one case the problem appeared to have existed on the customer’s equipment, but I had an ongoing saga with their previous ISP trying to get them to repair a VDSL line fault. They repaired the line but outages were still occurring somewhere within the ISP equipment, as in the end we switched ISP and the problem is resolved, as proved by Outages.io monitoring!

I reconfigured the clients entire WiFi network (several point-to-point connections across a large site) – full factory reset and set up from new, and the intermittent issues seem to have disappeared.

Thanks again for such a helpful tool, and the great support. I’ll be sure to recommend the service to others. I’ve got a couple of websites where I’ll add blog posts to promote your services.


Helped with WOW problems

I like you guys. A LOT. I’ve used your online agent and it really helped me hold WOW’s feet to the fire to fix an issue.
Now I’d like to actually buy your hardware agent.   Almost IMPOSSIBLE to do! I know there is a link somewhere to do that, but I can’t find it. My suggestion… put a hot link on any page that mentions the hardware agent that says BUY NOW! 

So, please send me a link or give me some guidance.  While the software agent is great, I know that the hardware agent will be well worth the money, especially when my wife keeps turning off her laptop! 🙂    TYVM, John 

Thanks John! We listened to your feedback!

Ooops!  We appreciate the input and have made it easier to buy the hardware agent. Some links were lost in recent updates. Please accept our offer of half price for your hardware.  🙂
     –Sincerely, the team at Outages.io

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