What do Internet disruptions cost?

Automated wired/wifi, Internet troubleshooting for home and business

Productivity Loss

The amount of time it takes to get refocused every time an employee is interrupted during the work day.  Slow Internet and outages add up and take their toll on work at home employees and your business.
(Entrepreneur.com article)

Cost Per Minute

You need IT personnel to know about connectivity problems as quickly as possible. The cost for downtime can ramp up quickly when a significant number of people and resources are no longer communicating.
Downtime cost Gartner Study)

Lost Hours

Something is always lost if you aren’t learning about Internet disconnections quickly. What does it cost your business? It all adds up to lost income, productivity, reputation and more.

(How to quantify downtime)

 Windows and Linux

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For Windows 7, 8 and 10, Centos 7, 8, Debian 7, Ubuntu, ARM like Raspberry, Tinker Board and others. Pick your flavor and troubleshoot your Internet connection now. Try our live demo or read our overview

Always On Monitoring

Optional hardware agent

Add WiFi monitoring, save power, leave on 24/7! Self-updating, best reports possible. Just $49.95 $34.95 then use with our free service. Adds free DNS server and webcam option too. See extra benefits

Working from home – Telecommute

Your team depends on reliable Internet to keep them connected to applications, coworkers, clients and communications. Slow Internet and frequent outages can zap the energy out of employees and IT personnel trying to troubleshoot. Unreliable Internet connections lead to loss of  productivity and many hours wasted. Are the issues on their end, with their provider, with the corporate VPN or something else?

Security systems monitoring

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Remote video cameras and monitoring stations depend on reliable Internet connections to keep facilities secure and homeowners safe. Don’t wait to be told something is down when Outages.io can alert the right people quickly if remote locations stop communicating. An added benefit is learning which providers are more reliable than others.

Telehealth – Healthcare anywhere

When your patients are hours away from your medical practice or can’t make it to in-person appointments, you need reliable tools to track any changes in their health.  Telehealth services require reliable Internet to keep your medical team in the loop and your patients safe at home. 

Utilities, unmanned equipment rooms

When a line is cut or an alarm is triggered in an underground vault, the clock starts ticking. What if the alarm itself never got out because of a failed IP/Internet connection, the losses and complaints can start adding up quickly. Outages.io can be installed anywhere, no servers needed.

For IT Professionals

Instantly shows Internet problems at any number of Internet-connected locations and alerts the right people. Was a whole business park down, an entire street, a section of the city? You’ll know before the calls start coming in. Saves IT and management personnel time and money.


hardware agents.
Add as needed.

Easily see issues
on visual map

Easily see issues
on visual map


  • Inexpensive roll out – add agents as you add locations.
  • Agents are only $49.95/each, quantity discounts available.
  • Reports, ongoing updates and full email and/or phone support is included.
  • Near-real-time alerts via email and/or SMS to specific admins.
  • Monitors IP connectivity (or lack of), firewall ports and environment conditions.
  • Secure access to remote equipment rooms and networks without opening firewall ports.
  • Details IP issues for network/provider accountability.
  • Avg 6 kb/s out, 16 kb/s in. Custom tuning available.
  • Self-contained, auto-updating. No software to install at remote locations.
  • Monitor unlimited locations with a central map overview showing any and all problem locations.
  • No profiling, monitors connectivity only, not packets.
  • Acts as a simple DHCP LAN client.
  • Customization, development available.

Instantly saves time and money

Internet outages and connectivity issues quickly affect your bottom line. You need to know immediately when and why one or many remote locations are no longer communicating. Your IT personnel could spend hours troubleshooting, being distracted from other projects. One person can monitor ten or ten thousand of your critically connected locations before contacting IT using Outages.io. 

Budget friendly, add as needed

Rolling out new technology is always a budget concern. Equipment rooms don’t often have servers to install software on so expensive appliances have to be bought for each location. Outages.io agents connect to existing DHCP servers, use only one amp of your power and run 24/7. Everything needed is built in. Now you know when ever a location stops communicating and gain aggregated data about specific network segments, providers, equipment and even low bandwidth problems.

Evaluate at no cost

Evaluate Outages.io at no cost. Try our free community version, upgrade to Extended reports, see how it works for you. We believe you’ll discover a new tool that saves countless hours getting to the core of Internet related problems. Gain insight across all networks and providers your company uses today. With actionable facts and evidence, you immediately benefit and save.

About Outages.io

Installing an agent

Intro to the basics

Four great ways Outages.io can help you

One-Sided Contracts

Your provider guarantees only the speed to the street. You’re stuck in a “best effort” deal that means you pay for services when they aren’t reliable or even down. Outages.io provides evidence you could use to get credits, discounts and help with problems in your home or neighborhood.

Connection Issues

You rely on the Internet for almost everything. Reliable Internet is a must for Voice over IP (VoIP) phone and if you work from home. Intermittent problems cause you frustration, stress and down time but Outages.io helps by providing facts you can post on your providers social pages to get help.

Critical Services

Your Internet connected video doorbell, Alexa, Nest, home security, all stop working without it. Outages.io alerts you when the Internet stops working. This is especially critical with elderly that rely on Internet connected services. Can grandma still call out or is no one able to reach her?

You’re Not Alone

If you are experiencing connection issues, your neighbors might be too.  When others in the area install Outages.io, the bigger picture emerges and connectivity issues get much clearer. Compare then share your facts on your provider’s social media pages to get help.

Business And Home

Broadband initiatives, hotel and other chains, remote employees, remote sensing/equipment. Easy deployment anywhere, any time and situation where IP connectivity is involved.

MSP, ITSM, Tech Support

You cannot afford complaints. Reliable services are a must. Preempt problems, save time and money by confirming or eliminating Internet related events.

Instant Notifications

Quickly learning about Internet connectivity, low bandwidth issues and potential security risks are especially important for critically connected remote locations, hardware and services.

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