Forget outage report sites, monitor your OWN Internet connection and provider
Monitor your web, eCommerce sites/services, IoT all that need reliable Internet services
Shows if issues are in your home, with your provider or beyond. No more mysteries.

Paid services should never come with mystery problems!

Outages.IO is about empowering you. Always know what is going on with
your Internet services, Outages.IO ends mystery outages! Try the demo.

Get the very best reports

Never miss a thing! Runs 24/7, self updating.
Best possible reports with history and trends.
Uses only around 1.5 watts compared to PC.
For those that depend on their Internet!

Only $35.00. Order Now!

Download The Agent 

Windows 7, 8 and 10
Linux Centos7, Debian7, others
OpenWrt ar71xx, ramips
Perfect for embedded IoT devices

Monitor now, free!

Reasons For Using Our Hardware Agent

Add a webcam

Connect any UVC webcam to your agent as a bonus monitoring camera for remote locations. Simply enable the service from your dashboard. Add our free Dynamic DNS to reach it using an easy to remember name. More


Remote Access Service

Reach devices on the local network securely and privately. No firewall ports to open means nothing for hackers and scanners to find. Available on our current hardware and optionally enabled via separate subscription. More


Gain Some Privacy

Why make it easy for your provider to track your every move? Our current hardware agents come with built in DNS services to help keep you private. what you do online is your business. More


Also included is free (Dynamic DNS) URL to reach home/office security cameras, files, etc
Free open ports security scan is an advanced warning about possible problems Is Now
Nothing but the name changes, log in as usual but at

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