Outage sites and speed testing won’t show what is actually affecting individual Internet services
It’s the local intermittent problems that can cause the most frustration
Install Outages.io and get the data you need to get help

Get the proof you need to get help from your Internet provider

See exactly where your Internet problems are happening.
Know if problems are on the local network, with the provider or beyond.
Get actionable facts to post on your providers social page. 

No subscriptions, no contracts, Outages.io is completely FREE

Download The Agent 

Our monitoring agent runs on
Windows 7, 8 and 10, x86 Centos7,
Debian7, Ubuntu and others.
Simply Install and let the facts build up.

Start Monitoring Now FREE!

Optional Hardware Agent

Never miss a thing! Runs 24/7, self updating.
Best possible reports with history and trends.
Uses only around 1 watt compared to PC.
One time purchase & can be used with our free service.

Only $49.95. Learn more

Reasons For Using Our Hardware Agent

Add A Webcam

Connect any UVC webcam to your agent as a bonus monitoring camera. Simply enable the service from your dashboard. Add our free Dynamic DNS to reach it using an easy to remember name. Read more…

Low Power Consumption

Agents use about 1 watt of power without a webcam connected. They run 24/7 and you’ll never accidentally power it off , unlike running on a PC. Buy one and help keep Outages.io free for everyone to use.

Gain Some DNS Privacy

Why make it easy to be tracked? Our current hardware agents come with a built in DNS server to help keep your Internet activities private. What you do online is your business. Read more…

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