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The Internet has become one of our most important resources yet reliability for many is not so great. Worse, getting help can sometimes be difficult or even overwhelming, especially if you need your service for work or business.

When posting problems on providers’ social pages, they ask you to privately message them and you hope they will take care of the problems. However, those suffering ongoing intermittent problems can often find themselves feeling alone and unable to get help as the problems keep coming back.

Even more frustrating is there seems to be a practice in place by providers that customers have no clue, they don’t know what they are talking about and whatever information they provide isn’t something the provider will use and certainly never admit to. We know this from first-hand experiences trying to help many of our customers.

You are no longer alone

Outages.io helps by providing hard facts about problems related directly to your Internet service but it also allows you to correlate the information with others in your area.
There is power in numbers. One person can easily be dismissed but when many are seeing the same things, it can help the provider to get the repairs done, stop denying there are problems or putting off long-needed upgrades or repairs.

By motivating others in your area to gather facts, you can then compare your reports and can see trends that cannot be denied. We cannot count how many times we’ve been told ‘you don’t understand how our services work’ and yet our data helped get the problems fixed. Of course, denied the entire time.


You should know that we will always stake our reputation on what we are saying in the following paragraphs.

Outages.io is anti-profiling. We believe that companies should get back to earning their keep by offering great services and not by selling off everything about their members.
Outages.io does not share any personal information what so ever. As a free service, no financial information is asked for or saved. Hardware or other purchases are sent directly to PayPal.

What data do we keep?

When you add an agent, you are asked to enter its location via a map application. This is to ensure consistent location data for all agents installed.

Street addresses, GEO location and ZIP/Postal code are used to help correlate problems in your region though are never shown publicly. Agent locations could be shown on one of our maps but show only multiple agent locations without any personal information.

Is Outages.io really free?

Yes, we offer our free Community version because it can help you and it can help us to give you better facts about problems in your area. Outages.io also has a businesses and organizations level for those who need to really dig in or keep customers up or remote locations.

Outages.io allows managing one to any number of agents/locations, showing live map overviews of overall conditions in one or many areas. Outages.io quickly alerts admins about connectivity issues, low bandwidth and environmental changes in remote locations such as equipment rooms.
Outages.io even gives secure remote access without opening firewall ports and much more.

Being Internet consumers ourselves, we know how difficult it is to get help especially if you do not have any hard data. We also understand that consumers can find it difficult to pay for a service to troubleshoot a service they are already paying for.

While it is great to see high-speed plans being offered, the problem is that speeds keep going while reliability may be overlooked.

The more people that use Outages.io, the more outage data we can crunch to make your reports more accurate as we continue to develop our services.

Thank you for trying our services.

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