Hardware agent install – brief version

  1. If there are multiple ports, connect the LAN port of the hardware agent to a free port on the router/firewall/switch.
    The upstream must provide a DHCP address.
  2. Connect a one amp minimum USB power supply.
  3. Connect the large USB end of the cable into the power supply and the smaller end into hardware agent.
    An LED should immediately begin to flash then settle as it boots up.

Activate your agent

  1. If you have not yet, please create an account on ocp.outages.io (OCP)
  2. From your control panel, click on the Actions drop down on the upper left hand side.
  3. Pick the ‘Activate hardware agent’ option.
  4. Enter the MAC and Activation code which were included with your agent or emailed to you.
  5. Once activated, you will see it in your list of agents in Manage Agents if you have more than one.

At this point, you can click on the first icon (Dashboard) under Actions on the right side which will lead to that agents dashboard. If your agent is connected properly, you should see the data coming into the Heartbeat section at the top. This signifies that everything is completed and your agent is now communicating with the network and monitoring the Internet connection.

The monitoring software

A hardware agent ordered from our site is simply a small dedicated computer which runs the same software that you can install on a Windows or Linux PC or Server. It acts as any other device on your LAN.

The monitoring software itself is called the agent. Most people opt for hardware agents because of their reliability and that they are plug-and-play  devices. While software running on computers could stop running if the machine is turned off, the software is stopped or any number of other reasons, hardware agents run 24/7.

Hardware based agents use a very small amount of power compared to a PC/Server, are self updating, have special features and more. For serious applications that require ongoing monitoring, the hardware agent is the way to go.


Some previous hardware agents were shipped with a reset IP of
Please be sure you do not have other hardware agents using the same reset IP.
This will cause DNS and other routing issues. You can change the reset IP by following the directions below.

For more information about the hardware agent or your reports, please check the FAQ and other links under the Help menu.

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