We are currently testing web site and other services availability using Outages.io and welcome beta testers who would give us feedback in order to best design this service. 

It works by installing our agent on your Windows or Linux (Centos7, Debian7, Ubuntu and others) servers and using the Outages.io notification system to know if your server/services connectivity are or have been disrupted. The monitoring is to ensure that the overall server is able to be reached over the Internet and not for monitoring individual services.

If you are interested in testing, you need to have access to your server in order to install a starting (bash) script which downloads and runs the agent (binary file). If you can do that, then you can take part in the beta test.

Currently, there is no price set for this service and while it could be free, if we do decide to charge for it, you will receive it at no cost for one year just for helping. Simply fill out this form and we’ll contact you soon.

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