We want to promote our free service that helps anyone to troubleshoot, find and fix Internet connectivity issues at their location or with their provider. 
You want to educate members that before blaming your site being down, they should know that most often it is their own Internet or something upstream preventing access.

By promoting Outages.io, you gain a win/win in that it doesn’t cost you anything and those unable to reach your services will begin to better understand not only how the Internet works but how consumers can use Outages.io and correlate their reports to get better Internet reliability by making providers more accountable.

Once they start monitoring their connectivity and sharing their knowledge with others, it should become obvious to most of your members that your services are very reliable and that they now have a tool which can be used to motivate providers to do better. More eyes seeing the big picture makes it very hard for providers to discount individual complaints.

You can promote any way you like, and ad on the site, a link somewhere, a blog post, what ever works for you. 
If interested, please let me know by leaving some contact info and I’ll get back to you asap. Or, PM me on Facebook.

I posted this in the Facebook group in good faith and I promise not to re-use, share or otherwise make your contact info available to anyone.

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