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This demo uses an hardware agent

While our monitoring software is identical across platforms, the hardware agent adds a number of options and additional capabilities which are not available with our software solution.

The average consumer will probably use our free Community level reports to solve Internet issues but this hardware agent has everything enabled to show everything it can do.

Our demo agent is installed in a small equipment cabinet that is in the middle of nowhere. Having to send someone to this cabinet can cost a full day in wages and even wasted time if the problem could have been fixed from remote, perhaps using RAS.

It is monitoring the Internet connection and alerting IT if the cabinet is no longer communicating. It has our Remote Access Service (RAS) enabled so that an IT person can gain access to equipment in the cabinet without having to leave any ports open on the local router/firewall. It has our environment sensor attached to alert us of any drastic changes in or around the cabinet.

The only item not shown is the overview map that our organization level members use to monitor any number of locations to quickly know about problems, where, with which Internet providers and much more.

Free outage monitoring software gives you an easy-to-understand way to monitor your network connection and see how your ISP is doing. Reports show exactly where any problems are, in your building, with your provider or even beyond. It keeps track of problems, logging issues even when you aren’t there so you have data to get help later or with ongoing problems. You can even enable instant notifications of possible Internet disruptions.

Anyone can start monitoring within minutes by downloading our Windows 7/8/10, Linux, or ARM based software. If something more long term is needed, our hardware agent that runs the same software but is plug and play, no PC to keep on and no software to install or update. The agent simply connects to a free DHCP port on the local router/modem and immediately starts to monitor the network connection continuously, never missing a single event. It doesn’t get any simpler.

See how software can monitor your Internet to track reliability

This demo shows all of the views and functions available when monitoring the Internet connection using This is a live demonstration of an Internet connection being monitored. There are a few enterprise options which are not shown though this demo helps to give a good idea of what can be expected.

Demo default settings

A random Arizona address is set for this agent.
Editable settings are disabled. All settings are pre-set to allow anyone to see how our reports look.
All pages have an ‘About this page’ button at the top which explain what is being shown in the current page.

The Light view is what our free Community level reports offer which helps most consumers.
The Standard view is our $3/month upgrade which adds more details.

The Historical menu becomes available when reports are upgraded to Extended. Extended is mainly used by technical consumers that wish to monitor their Internet service continually, small to medium IT / MSP companies and others that require ongoing accountability.

Please see the Deals section of the site for more details on the report differences. These are the main differences between these three levels.

Click on the Demo Login link below to head to

Log in as ‘demo’ with the password of ‘123456’

Demo Login

NOTICE: Some browsers may warn that this password is insecure and published on the Internet. Please disregard this warning.
This is because it is openly published here, on our page and can be freely shared with anyone as it is a demo account.

Once logged in, click the first icon (the one with four small squares) under Actions on the right hand side.
This will take you to the dashboard.

Special features enabled

Remote Access Service (RAS)

RAS is perfect for providing remote, encrypted, secure access to network resources without having to open any firewall ports. Multiple profiles can be saved and reaching various devices on the LAN where the agent is running is as easy as clicking on the profile link. Only the allowed IP’s will be able to gain access and everything is done from the dashboard.
Our RAS demo links to an image to give some idea of what could be done. In the case of this demo, the link would be to a cable modem showing signal levels. RAS is a secure, encrypted remote access method which does not require opening firewall ports.

Environment sensing

The tiny sensor monitors temperature, humidity, ambient light, barometric pressure, sound noise, air quality (eTVOC ppb/eCO2 ppm) and vibration.

Because our demo agent is installed in the middle of nowhere, we don’t want to waste expenses sending personnel to remote locations unless we really have to. By adding a tiny multi element environment sensor into our agent, we are able to be alerted to any of these and similar scenarios, all controllable via one dashboard page. Please see Configure, Sensors once logged into the DEMO.

An alert can be sent should the temperature, humidity or barometric pressure change too drastically.

If the air quality reading is changing, this could indicate that our cabinet is filling with dust or that something is overheating or slowly burning up.

Sound monitoring could alert us that something has changed, perhaps a fan or power supply is starting to fail and causing unusual sounds.

Our vibration, sound and light monitoring might alert us to possible tampering. After all, it’s a small cabinet that is closed and dark.

An ambient light reading of anything more than 0 could indicate that someone has opened the cabinet.

There are plenty of other reasons why monitoring the environment in remote electrical cabinets, remote equipment rooms and many other locations areas could save a great deal of time and money. 

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