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Save time and money diagnosing Internet problems 

Outages.io is for:

  • Monitoring and supporting remote employees, students with Internet problems
  • Monitoring ten or ten thousand remote Internet connected locations/devices
  • IT/MSP’s interested in bundling Outages.io with their own IT or MSP offerings
  • Gaining facts, proof, accountability by providers, for employment, truancy, etc
  • Gives actionable, historical connectivity details per location and overall

 Light dashboard view above. Share and compare with others.

Our software runs on Windows and Linux while our dedicated optional hardware device runs 24/7, automatically finding and tracking Internet connection issues. An overview map shows any and all locations that need attention and each location has its own ongoing reports showing all disconnections, Internet outages, when, how long, where it happened, who is responsible. 

No guessing, no mysteries or finger pointing, facts and proof are broken down into graphs and charts that show if the problems are at the monitored location, with the Internet provider, or beyond.

Granular levels of email notifications and dashboard alerts let IT and tech support personnel know quickly when one or any number of locations are no longer communicating. Alerts must be acknowledged giving management a historical trail of all issues with each location along with who and what was done.

Internet downtime:

Monitor Internet downtimeWhat does it cost your company, employees, students?

Proof and facts: How do you prove to your employer, your school, your professor that you experienced Internet downtime?  With Outages.io monitoring, you’ll have facts, proof, and information about Internet outages and downtime.

Interruptions: When you’re interrupted can take up to 23 minutes to get back on task.  That’s why Internet downtime and dropped connections make working from home, online classes, and Zoom meetings tough.  Plus, Internet outages can come and go, so troubleshooting is challenging.

Outages.io can also be used by small IT support shops and consumers and our extended reports are always an option if more information is needed.

No matter how you put Outages.io to use, you will save countless hours monitoring and diagnosing Internet problems and issues.

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Windows and Linux Internet outage monitoring

Monitor Internet outages with Windows and Linux softwarePick your flavor and monitor your Internet connection now! Our software runs on Windows 7, 8 and 10, Centos 7, 8, Debian 7, Ubuntu, ARM like Raspberry, Tinker Board and others.

Always On Monitoring

Optional hardware agent

Hardware agent provides always on Internet monitoringNo PC available?  Our agents use little power, are self updating, on the job 24/7, never missing a thing. Works with our free Community or extended reports and even adds WiFi monitoring. Includes free DNS server and a webcam option. See benefits and features list. Order yours here.

Outages.io is more than Internet monitoring

Track Internet disconnections, outages, low bandwidth. End the mystery of Internet problems and see how your provider is actually performing. Get facts, proof and even alerts.

Packed with benefits
Use Outages.io to monitor  web servers, online services, security systems and other devices. Get quick alerts when something becomes unavailable. Need a quick remote video camera? Simply connect a USB camera to your hardware agent. Monitor bandwidth at different locations and get alerts when it dips too low.

Outages.io rated one of the best Internet troubleshooting tools by Comparitech

Choose the Internet monitoring package that works for you.
Outages.io tracks outages and monitors Internet downtime for home, business, and enterprise users. 

Hardware Agent Tips

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