Software and hardware packages to monitor your Internet connection

Dig deeper into Internet outages and network connection issues


Our free Community software to monitor your Internet connection gives you the basics you need to see what’s going on with Internet downtime and outages.  In addition, Comparitech has a great list of suggestions about how to speed up your Internet.  But if you’re looking for more details, our Extended Reports plan can dig in and show you even more.

First, Extended Reports gives you historical data on network disconnections, Internet outages and low bandwidth problems.  Plus,  Extended Reports has fine-grained notifications controls to text or email you about problems.  You will know when your Internet connection drops, has outages when it’s low on bandwidth.  And you can choose what types of alerts you receive about Internet outage issues, how and when you receive them. Finally, you’ll have the facts you need to show your ISP if the problem is on their end, or if the issues are with your router or modem.