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Ready to go beyond our free community version?

Save countless hours when troubleshooting Internet problems by letting Outages.io be on the job 24/7 for you.  We offer extended reports for both software and hardware-based agents and package deals. 

With extended reports, you gain ongoing historical data on disconnections, outages, low bandwidth problems, and others.
Extended reports also come with fine-grained notifications control like knowing when your Internet gets disconnected, suffers outages, when it’s low on bandwidth. You can even elect to know only when your agent comes back online, you have full control.

You can receive emails or see dashboard alerts or both, in any combination. The data generated by your agent will arm you with the knowledge and facts that you need when you contact your provider.

For IT Professionals

Instantly shows Internet problems at any number of Internet-connected locations and alerts the right people. Was a whole business park down, an entire street, a section of the city? You’ll know before the calls start coming in. Saves IT and management personnel time and money.


hardware agents.
Add as needed.

Easily see issues
on visual map

Easily see issues
on visual map


Outages.io. For home or business.

One-Sided Contracts

Your provider guarantees only the speed to the street. You’re stuck in a “best effort” deal that means you pay for services when they aren’t reliable or even down. Outages.io provides evidence you could use to get credits, discounts and help with problems in your home or neighborhood.

Connection Issues

You rely on the Internet for almost everything. Reliable Internet is a must for Voice over IP (VoIP) phone and if you work from home. Intermittent problems cause you frustration, stress and down time but Outages.io helps by providing facts you can post on your providers social pages to get help.

Critical Services

Your Internet connected video doorbell, Alexa, Nest, home security, all stop working without it. Outages.io alerts you when the Internet stops working. This is especially critical with elderly that rely on Internet connected services. Can grandma still call out or is no one able to reach her?

You’re Not Alone

If you are experiencing connection issues, your neighbors might be too.  When others in the area install Outages.io, the bigger picture emerges and connectivity issues get much clearer. Compare then share your facts on your provider’s social media pages to get help.

Business And Home

Broadband initiatives, hotel and other chains, remote employees, remote sensing/equipment. Easy deployment anywhere, any time and situation where IP connectivity is involved.

MSP, ITSM, Tech Support

You cannot afford complaints. Reliable services are a must. Preempt problems, save time and money by confirming or eliminating Internet related events.

Instant Notifications

Quickly learning about Internet connectivity, low bandwidth issues and potential security risks are especially important for critically connected remote locations, hardware and services.

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