Privacy statement

camerasPrivacy means EVERYTHING to us!

Logicore Networks does not monitor personal usage nor do we share personal information in any way shape or form. The monitoring methods are heavily based on standard network protocols but not packet content.

The software monitors Internet connected devices, their connectivity only, gathering data which is then displayed in your control panel as text or a mix of text and graphs.

Monitoring agent:
The monitoring software known as the Agent is by NutPile Networks LLC, a Logicore Networks LLC owned company.

The software agent installed on a PC, server or embedded device does not collect information relating to Internet locations visited, DNS, search engines used and results and so on.
Agents are installed as a ‘client’ on your network and do not have access to anything other than basic TCP/IP connectivity on that device alone. The software does not do any packet inspections of any sort what so ever.
Agents are not able to view packets from other activities on your network because it is likely connected to a switched port and therefore, cannot see traffic from any other devices on the LAN.

Collected information: Outages.IO collects connectivity details which include your LAN and Public IP along with your providers IPs in order to generate reports for your control panel.

Reports show when problems are on your LAN, with your provider and beyond. Connectivity data collected is aggregated so that we can provide you with local and wider details about Internet related occurrences. Street addresses are used by algorithms to correlate data that show you exactly where, when and with whom problems are.

Street address and/or sign up information are considered personal information and are never shared.

Sharing data: Outages.IO allows you to share your reports on social sites without showing your actual address. You can view this information any time on the site by looking at your reports or the correlated public reports showing overall outage data in various locations as we make this information available.

Profiling: Logicore Networks is completely anti profiling, a practice which is shredding privacy from everyone using the Internet.

We absolutely refuse to take part in personal profiling and believe that businesses should start earning their keep by offering great services and not by partaking in the buying and selling of consumer information which should be kept private.