One Year of Extended Monitoring

$84.00 $69.00



This package gives you twelve (12) months of access to our Extended Reports web-based monitoring. You’ll get all the features of our free “Community” package plus:

  • Email and dashboard alerts
  • Fine-grained notifications control
  • Optional firewall security scan
  • Alerts history
  • Outages history
  • Pings history
  • Speed test history
  • See historical detail trends

Save countless hours when troubleshooting Internet problems by letting be on the job 24/7 for you! Extended reports are available for both software and hardware-based agents and package deals.   With extended reports, you gain ongoing historical data on disconnections, outages, low bandwidth problems, and more. Extended reports also come with fine-grained notifications control like knowing when your Internet gets disconnected, suffers outages, when it’s low on bandwidth. You can even elect to know only when your agent comes back online, you have full control. Receive emails or see dashboard alerts or receive both–you set up the combinations that work for you.  The data generated by your agent will arm you with the knowledge and facts that you need when you contact your provider.