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Are you ready to get serious about monitoring your Internet connectivity to find and fix problems? You’ve come to the right place. Our hardware agent is plug and play, standalone, updated automatically and on the job 24/7 using only 1 amp of power.

The hardest thing about trying to get help from your provider is not having any hard facts after problems occur. Now you’ll have proof. Once you install the agent on your network you can count on non stop uninterrupted monitoring that will catch problems as they happen and after the fact.

Thank you for supporting Outages.io and remember, if you motivate others in your area to install either a hardware or software agent, you will be able to see when problems are not yours alone. You’ll have data showing the outages in the area to prove to your provider there’s an issue, even when they are saying to you that you’re the only one reporting problems. Imagine reducing those frustrating calls and getting to a solution faster!

Please read the notices below before ordering:

You’ll need a free Ethernet port on your router/modem and a standard USB power supply. Your device must provide a DHCP IP to your agent. Most home routers/modems already do this.

Power requirement
The USB power adapter should have at least 1 amp but be sure to use a higher wattage if you decide to connect a webcam to your agent since the agent would then have to power the webcam as well. Use a power supply of at least 2-3 or more amps to ensure the device and your camera both get the amount of power they need.

We use various off the shelf devices that run our custom software. The device you receive may or may not look like or be the same as the item shown. Devices are typically around 2″ to 3″ square, come with a USB cable and USB power supply is not included.

We try to support devices for as long as we possibly can which is typically one to three years. In some cases, we have devices which have been running for upwards of four years. However, please note that due to constant operating system changes which we have no control over, there are times when we have to stop supporting certain hardware because they will no longer run our software.

These agents are NOT meant to be used directly on the Internet as they are not security hardened. They are meant to be installed inside of the local network to act as just another client on your network.

Our agents cannot and do not sniff packets meaning that the monitoring is of your connectivity and not where you are visiting over the Internet. Even if our agent could sniff packets, you would have to give it port mirroring access on your switch so that it could see all incoming and outgoing traffic. This is not something we support in our consumer products.


Additional information

Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8.5 × 5.5 × 1.3 in


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