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We welcome organizations that are interested in bundling, reselling, using or integrating Outages.io.

While we provide information about the service on this site, the easiest way to learn about Outages.io is through an online meeting and demonstration. Setting up a trial where you can install agents at key locations can effectively demonstrate exactly what you could expect from using Outages.io.

Pricing is unpublished not because Outages.io is cost prohibitive but because companies have different requirements such as number of locations to monitor and using a mix of software/hardware agents. Pricing starts at $5/month/location with tiers that offer discounts for both number of monitored locations and (optional) hardware agents required.

Please leave full contact information and a brief reason for contacting us. Alternatively, you can call us at 480-900-8025. If you leave a message, please, state the number slowly and clearly to ensure that we can call you back.

For help and support relating to the Outages.io service, please 
sign up to our forums where our support experts will be happy to help you.
We do not offer support though this form as we cannot keep track to help you. For non support related matters, please feel free to use this form. 

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